Who we are


We develop mobile, web and innovative platforms which provide solutions to farmers, buyers and agribusiness players, enabling them have access to opportunities and resources.

Through partnership with organizations, governments and individuals, we develop corporate social innovation projects for host communities, rural areas and displaced groups which advances sustainable food production systems and implement resilient agricultural practices, transforming rural communities to agricultural economic hub.

We integrate Quality Management System that aids effective service delivery; working towards achieving ISO 9001:2015 by 2019

Empowering every farmer with our digital platforms and skills for optimum productivity and food sufficiency.

Our Shared Values and Principles are:

Customer Intimacy, Process Efficiency, Transparency, Accountability, Honesty, Integrity, Convenience and Consistency

To become Africa’s biggest, accessible and affordable agro digital platform that will transform subsistence farming practice to global agribusiness through innovations, partnership and technology.

To bridge the gap between mechanised farming and rural farmers

To provide an innovative platform for reaching out to the youths (through registering as intern on our mobile App) with regard to farming activities and career opportunities in the agricultural sector.

To build and maintain a comprehensive database of all Value Chain actors’ of the targeted value chains of interest to Government, research centers and international development agencies with regard to ICT use for the dissemination of agricultural innovations.

To support the transformation from subsistence farming into agribusiness.

To provide a smooth platform for transparent distribution of farm inputs to farmers and other stakeholders.

To help farmers analyse their present and expected future farming and livelihood needs and situations. This will also help them become aware of problems which can arise from such an analysis.

To strengthen the link between agricultural development activities and the private sector, so that these organizations can provide a wide range of extension education and technical support services, such as micro-credit financing and supply of essential inputs.

To help win the war on corruption; as it will help hold those responsible for farm inputs distribution accountable.

To increase knowledge and develop insight into field and policy problems, and help structure existing knowledge on such issues

To help farmers, produce marketers, government officials and other stakeholders in the sector acquire specific knowledge related to certain problems and solutions and their consequences so they can act on possible alternatives. This will help them make responsible choices.

To help farmers, produce marketers, government officials and other stakeholders evaluate and improve their opinion-forming and decision-making skills.
“The Farmers’ Helpline”: The Centre for Web and Mobile-phone-based Agricultural Extension

1. ENTREPRENEURSHIP SUPPORT – We sell business support to our target population
2. MARKET INTERMEDIARY – We provide services to our ecosystem members to help them access market
3. ORCHESTRATE DEMAND AGGREGATION – We Assemble all the sellers and buyers in the same virtual location. This will give sellers the deepest pool of buyers and vice versa.
4. FEE- FOR-SERVICE/LOW INCOME CLIENT- We sell services directly to clients and customers
5. Farm Business Advisors – Bringing agriculture product and services to emerging markets

6. Resource Smart Technology – Deploying our mobile and web technology to optimise the efficiency of smallholder farmers

7. Access to Markets – Creating cadres of micro-entrepreneurs, partnering with our solution to reach rural farmers and traders and aggregating their product for transaction on our e-commerce platform

8. Small Business Support and Knowledge Sharing – Accelerating services and networking opportunities, and improving capacity development activities .


Each year one-third of all food produced for human consumption – 1.3 billion tons – is lost before it reaches retailers, these reduces farmers’ income by 35 percent.

Mamadou Biteye (MB)

Nigeria is the second largest tomato producing country in Africa, with the production of 1.5 million metric tons per annum. Unfortunately 50 percent of the tomato go bad after harvest. Thereby causing a high loss to the farmers.

220 million Africans suffer from continual hunger

Institute of Development Studies.

Nigerian food waste at $750 million yearly


One-third of Nigeria’s available food either spoils or gets thrown away before it ever reaches a plate—that’s enough to feed 50 million people in West Africa for three months, thus making 50 million people food insecure or undernourished.


Over 60% of vulnerable smallholder farmers lose profits they can’t spare due to: Lack of buyers, Difficulties in getting veterinary doctors, Lack of productive information, Inefficient fertilizer and livestock feed procurement and distribution, High cost of farm inputs, Poor access to credit, Poor access to market.

One in four smallholder farmers abandon their farms, whereby decreasing food supply and unemployment.

One Use-case of the Customer Journey

Jasper Integrated Farms is a 15,000 capacity poultry farm that previously experienced poor productivity and 70% mortality rate due to poor management and resources. Jasper almost left the business until he was introduced by his colleague to our ecosystem.

Jasper registered on our ecosystem and began attending our training on small business management, we diagnosed Jasper Farms and showed him the result of the diagnosis – why his business is failing due to poor operations management, lack of bio-security, records keeping and human resources management. 
We developed operating procedures and began implementing corrective processes, connected Jasper to a veterinary doctor and a taught leader in the poultry sector. Presently, Jasper Farms mortality has reduced to 2%, he supplies his products to big restaurants courtesy of our ecosystem, and Jasper is very profitable and has employed 20 additional staff that are trained by us.

Our Team

Elkanis has a strong management and staff team comprising of great and dedicated members who all share the same passion of ensuring agribusinesses succeeds.

Elkanis FarmX App has been of immense help to the success of my farm, I am grateful for their technology solution which has increased my production and sales.


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