Business Traction


Corporate Registration
Built 10,000 Capacity Poultry Farm
Won Federal Government N10 Million YouWin Award
1 Millionth Egg Produced



Expand Services to New Markets
Pilot Innovative Tech Solutions in Our Ecosystem
Develop Mobile App (farmX)
Participant at OXFAM-EDC Accelerator Program



Runner Up at Food Connection Challenge
1st Prize Winner At South-South Agri-Expo
Develop ICT Blockchain For Agriculture
Signed Partnership With Governments and Development Agencies
Pilot Agri-Tech Use Cases


The Elkanis Advantage

Flexible access to required services
These future food security solution bridges the gap and reinforces weak links on Nigeria's food value chain
Expanded market access
By increasing capacity and sell agricultural produce to consumers, guide farmers on increasing market value.
Eliminate inefficiencies
Through streamlining operations with end-to-end integration of farm and agribusiness processes to control costs and improve profits.
Increase agribusiness and farm productivity
In accelerating adoption with a flexible request tools that matches requestor to service provider.
Order inputs on mobile devices
As well as check your inventory, take customer orders, approve purchases, and view key performance indicators on the go.
Accelerate issue resolution in your farm
Via increasing service provider responsiveness with a faster and simpler access to the information.
F.A.I.R. data for sector development
We develop Data Management Plan to govern use of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) during the project.
Get notification and monitor performance
In real-time with user dashboards and SMS.

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