FarmX Mobile App

farmX mobile Application (formally called e-foodstore mobile application) is the first agribusiness mobile matching platform that empower farmers and agribusiness players through inclusion, create socio-economic activities and authorize users to increase their productivity, efficiency and income. 

It’s a one-stop platform for Agribusiness and intending agribusiness players, veterinary service providers, input suppliers, agro-logistic services, agro-allied dealers and government agencies.

FarmX Mobile App is a complete framework of integrated services for delivering an even playing field for effective productivity such as:

·         Hiring of interns for reduced labour cost

·         Contacting Veterinary services

·         Request extension agent services

·         Request insurance

·         Request loan

·         Request legal service

·         Hire tractor

·         Selling and buying of agro-inputs and training

 FarmX App comes in to determine what farmers can access, and which products are at their disposal. The App work in such a way that farmers do not have to visit brick and mortar agro-allied shops to buy inputs but place request on the App and inputs and products from services providers are delivered at the farm gate.

farmX App create an e-wallet where players make purchases and get credited from sales on the platform. Farmers can use the live chat option availed to contact the assistance when they are stuck.

1,000,000 farmers and agribusiness players will support their families through improved farming practices and services on farmX mobile application.