SAPRuL project support farmers for increase productivity

In partnership with West Africa Trade and Investment Hub, USAID Feed the Future Zenith Bank and Sterling Bank, El-kanis and  Partners is implementing Sustainable Agriculture Programme for Rural Livelihood(SAPRuL), project to support farmers increase productivity, yield and market.

The project targets farmers in Cross River and Ebonyi States comprising youths and wome.......

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Shutting the Door on Malnutrition in Nigeria

Malnutrition is common in Nigeria. It most times results to health effects that range from mild to severe, and sometimes life-threatening. The most common malnutrition include deficiencies in vitamin A, iron and zinc with prevalence of 29.5%, 26%, and 20% respectively in children under five years.

 Commonly used interventions include nutrient supplementation, dietary diversificatio.......

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Contending the Escalating Food Crisis in Nigeria

Farmers in Nigeria have raised warning alarm over possible rise in prices of food due to rising cost of fertilisers which has more than doubled.

The warning came on the heels of hike in the price of a 50kg bag of NPK, a critical type of fertiliser mainly used by smallholder fa.......

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