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Company Overview

We develop mobile, web and innovative platforms that provide solutions to Farmers, Buyers and Agribusiness players, Enabling them have access to opportunities and resources.

Through partnership with organizations, governments and individuals, we develop Corporate Social Innovation projects for host communities, rural areas and displaced groups which advances sustainable food production systems and implement resilient agricultural practices, transforming rural communities to agricultural economic hub.

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Our Services

Our services and technologies are categorized as follows

FarmX mobile App

El-kanis FarmX Mobile App is a complete framework of integrated services for delivering an even playing field to farmers for effective productivity, It comes in to determine what farmers can access, and which products are at their disposal.


We create connections between small and growing businesses, knowledge institutes, financial institutions, government and civil society organization. We also develop corporate social innovation programmes for different entities to participate in our ecosystem.

Research and Development

Elkanis has partnered several higher institutions which aim is to make grants for research and capacity building in agriculture, natural resources, and related strategies to address rural poverty and food sufficiency.

Smart Farming

Elkanis uses mordern information and communication technology in farming to ensure agricultural resources are fully utilized across farms, and proper analytics are utilized.

Extension agent

Our extension agent tries to recognize and take an interest in farmer’s problems, to overcome these problems, so that they ultimately achieve a sense of satisfaction and pride in their achievements.

Corporate Social Innovation Programs

We plan and develop programmes geared towards staff retirement plan, host communities development and rural growth. Multi-nationals, government, companies, organizations and individuals.
How do we work

Here is What's Unique About Us

Reaching potential female beneficiaries

Women and girls are the main target group of our project just as they constitute a greater number of smallholder farmers. It is expected that nearly 500,000 women and 300,000 girls will benefit from our project.

Protects the interest of our people

We acquaint our staff and workers with the general standards of legal protection provided for by international law and local laws governing vulnerable population, and we develop Standard Operating Procedures from the humanitarian laws for every job functions required

GDPR compliance

We make sure personal data can only be accessed by those with proper rights, based on the nature of the personal data.

User Centric

Our projects are user centric, by designing with the users, and not for them, we build our application to better address the specific context, culture, behaviours and expectations such as lack of information for better agriculture services, inability to access fertilizer and high livestock mortality.


Elkanis FarmX Mobile App has been of immense help to the success of my farm, I am grateful for their technology solution which has increased my production and sales.

Agnes John

Poultry And Snail Business

Elkanis FarmX App has been of immense help to the success of my farm, I am grateful for their technology solution which has increased my production and sales.

Agnes John

Poultry And Snail Business