Digitizing Farm
Digitizing Farm
Input Agro Supplier
Input Agro Supplier
Input Agro Supplier
Input Agro Supplier
Input Agro Supplier
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FarmTRUST Solutions

farmtrust solutions

We develop solutions for large farms, smallholder farmers, rural farmers and value chain actors.
Harnesses AI to determine the standard of agricultural produce.
Automates telephony system technology and interact with farmer caller on local dialect.
A food value chain mobile business solution.

Facilitates transparency, tracking, tracing, and efficiency in buying and selling of food products.

A data-driven platform that transforms the way Agriculture Financiers, Donors, AgriFood Companies, engage with smallholder farmers

Challenges We Work To Solve

70% Farmers

Lacks access to improved agro-services, market/credit and Insurance.

60% Population

Malnourished or go to bed hungry.

15% Farmers

Quits farming every year/looming food crisis.

60% Agribusiness Owners

Lacks access to small scale farmers.

Our Solutions Impact

Input Agro Supplier
De-risking agricultural value chain
Input Agro Supplier
Tackling pre and post harvest loss
Food security
Enhancing food security

Building Africa's next agripreneur generation